“the appearance of green shoots” by Andrew Coutts

19 11 2009

Andrew Coutts

“the appearance of green shoots” is the perfect expression to translate the current situation of the Portuguese holiday property market. ILM 2nd quarter 10-10-10 (ten questions targeted at ten leading resort developers and agents) market confidence survey concluded that after a period of very low confidence, the market could be stabilized. In fact the companies that predicted a rise in confidence in the previous edition of 10-10-10 for the 4th quarter of 2009 (signs of which are already visible in the 2nd quarter) maintain their view with 50% classifying the level of market confidence as “medium”, and showed that there is less interest in the more established tourist destinations where there is a greater supply.

In order to continue business, the local players are adapting to this new reality by rethinking the product strategy, the financial risks associated, the marketing and sales strategies and the overall model. The standard overseas leisure property model i.e. whole ownership, has reached maturity. Thus, new business models, new distribution channels and above all differentiation and innovation are required to continue the development of the holiday property ownership market. New concepts based upon niche markets are flourishing and the web is playing a crucial role in the market development leading to   greater interface between players. In the holiday property market real estate is now drawing closer to the hospitality business and the experiences and lifestyle that the hospitality business DNA comprises. To sell a property that is managed by a hotel company in a system that allows the owner to buy-to-use (wholly or partially) according to his real needs, and then let back, and earn income from it; represents a win-win-win-win situation. The promoter wins because he is adding value to his asset and he is giving a new life to his stock, the hotel management company wins because these units represent extra capacity in a complementary lodging offer, the tour operator wins because he can now reach a new demand profile and the property buyer wins because he can buy with security and has a guaranteed offer of services, he still owns the asset or part of it, uses it with as a hospitality experience and can profit from it. These new business models explain the success of companies like for example, The Registry Collection (TRC) which is growing steadily, now having over 35,000 members and 160 different resorts in the world’s leading high-end, luxury exchange programme.   The affluent market areas are still spending but they are also looking for more value in their spend and affiliation to TRC membership which enables developers to offer buyers 24/7 concierge services, an elite travel partner programme as well as off-plan sales support. Crucially, TRC affiliation offers expanded choice and variety of destinations, all at a guaranteed luxury standard.

In conclusion, what we consider to be the new critical success factors for the next generation resorts are:

  • DIFFERENTIATION  by creating a Blue Ocean Model
  • A STRONG LIFESTYLE CONCEPT – that reflects a particular way of life.
  • TARGETING – the 4 most important trends in demand are Experiences, Authenticity, Family-friendly Holidays, Hassle-free and seamless travel
  • THE RESORT MANAGEMENT AGENCY – ensures seamlessness in the experience by serving as an umbrella for control
  • FOCUS ON COMMUNITY CREATION – to foster a strong emotional sense of belonging and increase in loyalty

Imobiliário Turístico recupera confiança

18 11 2009


10-10-10 no TVI 24

Turquia lidera concorrência ao Imobiliário Turístico Nacional


10-10-10 na TVI

O imobiliário turístico nacional tem na Turquia o seu principal concorrente, de acordo com análise realizada pela ILM Advisory, empresa especializada em assessoria hotelaria, turismo e imobiliário turistico. Nos primeiros cinco lugares do ranking de concorrentes de Portugal no sector referido, destacam-se ainda por ordem decrescente a Espanha, Grécia, Chipre e Itália.

A análise denominada de 10-10-10 consiste num barómetro trimestral que avalia a confiança no mercado imobiliário turístico nacional, monitorizando a performance e as tendências do sector. Para o efeito 10 perguntas são formuladas a 10 dos principais promotores/investidores a operar em Portugal e a 8 dos agentes imobiliários nacionais líderes do mercado.

A mesma análise conclui que 50 % das empresas depositaram no segundo trimestre de 2009 uma confiança média no mercado e 11 % média alta, resultados que comprovam uma clara melhoria da confiança na recuperação do imobiliário turístico nacional. O 10-10-10 analisa também as motivações na decisão de compra de imobiliário turístico, registando que a confiança no mercado, preço do produto e variações cambiais ocuparam respectivamente as três primeiras posições deste ranking.

Quanto ao produto imobiliário mais transaccionado o 10-10-10 salienta que os apartamentos e as moradias são as propriedades com maior peso na actividade de agentes e promotores, variando o preço médio do m2 entre 2.800 e os 3.269 euros para os agentes e entre os 3.110 e os 3.296 euros para os promotores nas diversas propriedades. Os promotores mostram-se confiantes na estabilização ou mesmo aumento dos preços para o 2º trimestre de 2009.

No primeiro trimestre de 2009 a procura de tipologias T4 e superiores foi baixa, recolhendo os T2 a maior percentagem de clientes com 36,4% dos apartamentos vendidos. De acordo com os participantes no 10-10-10 a venda de apartamentos deverá manter-se (67%) ou aumentar (27%). No caso das moradias os promotores e mediadores acreditam que a procura vai manter-se (82%).

Em relação às vendas globais do imobiliário turístico nacional, o 10-10-10 regista que a confiança para o 3º trimestre de 2009 é média, atingindo 56 % dos inquiridos. Entre as medidas de marketing a immeplentar enunciadas, salienta-se a abertura para os mercados angolano e alemão, promoção de pacotes integrados, presença em feiras imobiliárias, web marketing, cross selling, networking, relações com a imprensa, entre outras.

Entre as empresas que contribuem actualmente para o 10-10-10 incluem-se as seguintes:


  • Norte Golfe Promoções Turísticas e Imobiliárias, S.A. – Porto
  • Bom Sucesso – Óbidos Empreendimentos Turísticos, S.A. – Óbidos
  • MSF – TUR.IM, SGPS, S.A. – Lisboa
  • Newlyn Portugal -Algarve
  • Pestana Imobiliária – Algarve
  • Vale do Lobo, Resort Turístico de Luxo, S. A. – Algarve
  • Grupo Oceânico – Oeste e Algarve
  • Aquapura – Porto e Norte
  • Grupo Duarte – Algarve

Agentes Imobiliários:

  • Abacus Savills – Lisboa
  • Atlantic Estates – Algarve, Lisboa e Costa de Prata;
  • Garvetur – Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária S.A. – Algarve
  • IRG International Reality Group – Lisboa, Algarve e Madeira
  • Sadlers Mediação Imobiliária- Knight Frank-Algarve
  • Winkworth – Algarve e Oeste
  • Consultan -Alentejo Litoral
  • Engel and Volkers – Oeste

(Download) Resultados 10-10-10 2º Trimestre